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Car Starters

What is a starter anyway and why do you need to replace it? Here are some of the basic things you need to know about this important component of your car.

Car starters – aptly named, they are the ones in charge of making your car engines start. How? See, the moment you turn your keys with the intention of revving up your car, this triggers a jolt of electricity from your battery all the way to your car starter. 

Now that you know what this is, it is easy to make the connection that if your car starter is busted, you cannot turn on your car nor go to wherever it is that you plan to go. 

So do I need a new car starter, you might ask? That is probably a question that is best left to the professionals. However, you may do some initial diagnosis by yourself if you wish. Here are some telltale signs that will tell you that you should consider getting you a new starter soon.

  •       You notice that your car does not start up right away. This might take you a few tries. This means that your battery is not dead yet, it might be the receiver (aka your starter) that needs to be checked.
  •       You notice that your car starts too loudly. It is normal to hear a sound when you turn on the ignition. But if the sound seems to be alarmingly loud, then maybe it’s time that you bring your car over for a check-up.
  •       You cannot turn on the ignition. At this point, this may be a lot of things, and a broken starter is possibly one reason among many. Your best bet: have your car checked by a professional. 

Again, you can make all this diagnosis yourself, but it is always a good idea to have certified mechanics take a look at your car. They should be able to do a bench test to really find out the root problem of your car. To maintain your car in a good condition, try also checking our other services like car battery replacement and brake repair.

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How to take better care of your car starter

At this point, you may blame yourself for not taking better care of your car. But this is all part of a learning experience, there is no need to blame yourself for it. At the end of the day, you have the professional mechanics here at Mobile Mechanic Largo to help you out with whatever car issue you may be facing. Once we make sure that all has been set right, we just want to leave you with a few reminders. 

One, always make sure that you go to the professionals for a regular tune-up. We cannot stress this enough. A tune-up will save you the trouble of a busted machine and save you money in the long run. 

When it comes to taking care of your starter, begin making it a habit to regularly check your batter, the solenoid that powers your starter, and your car’s ignition. With all these major components in good shape, your car starter should be too. 

Still, it is normal for some parts of your car to withstand the regular wear and tear. For older models, it is pretty normal for regular parts changes. In this case, your best bet is to simply take care of your car and practice good car owner habits. 

The Costs of a Car Starter Replacement with Mobile Mechanic Largo

The rate of your starter’s replacement will depend on the brand and make of what is required for your car. There are some starters that work best for smaller cars, and are thus cheaper. Bigger cars would need stronger currents of energy and would thus need a starter that will be able to perform heavier duties. 

Our labor costs are pretty much fixed and affordable, but you may want to prepare your budget for the car parts. 

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