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When it comes to driving around—whether for leisure, business, or a mix of both—you want to make sure that you get the best experience out of this. How? By taking good care of your car, that is. The first thing that might have popped in your mind was for you to check the breaks and that your coolant reservoir is nice and filled to a healthy level. But in these regular (at least we hope that you check regularly) rounds of yours, do you do the necessary steps to make sure that your power steering system is in place too? Why is this important? Indulge us by reading through the (re)introduction below.

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Power Steering 101

Power Steering – an automobile function that allows you to steer your vehicle smoothly and efficiently. Just imagine a 3k ton of rubber and metal. Not so difficult to heave around, isn’t it? We bet you don’t even think about this often—that you are hauling around some thousand ton car with ease. That is all thanks to power steering. It allows you to be (and stay) in control as you maneuver the wheel.    

How does power steering work? You have the power steering fluid to thank for. It is the soul of the whole mechanism. It pumps power into the system so you will be able to drive around with ease. 

So there. Now you are reacquainted with the whole concept of power steering. It’s not everyday that you stop to marvel at how brilliantly designed your car is, after all. And it’s probably not everyday that you pause to really listen to your machine too. Just like a pet or a small child would, it won’t directly tell you what ails it. It often displays behavior that are tell-tale signs to its condition. So what should you watch out for to know if your power steering is healthy or not? Here are some things worth noting: 

  1. Pay attention to the noise.

Does your car produce a steady hum when you cruise down the streets of Largo? If it does, then all should be fine with your pwer steering mechanism. However, if you do notice  even the slightest noise (say a creaking or a whining sound), then it’s time for you to bring your car in for repairs. Why? It’s simple. Any squealing, whining, or creaking noises indicates that your steering pump is not in the best health. Soon enough, you might be stuck with a failed pump in the middle of the road. 

Your best bet at this point? See the experts before it’s too late. Here at Mobile Mechanic Largo, we can help you fix this. Just give us a ring today or simply drop by our shop! 

  1. Notice the feel of your steering wheel.

We’re not talking about the smooth leather or the velvety feel of freshly decorated steering wheel. No. What we mean is that you should feel your steering wheel for any unnecessary vibrations. You will likely notice this when your car is on idle mode—as you wait for the traffic sign to change to green or when you wait in line as you drive-through for food. The turbulence might not be as noticeable. 

But what does this mean? These vibrations often mean that a belt (as in the power steering belt) is either worn out or has loosened. In any case, you should fix that ASAP. We know that this might sound like a daunting job to do by yourself, this is why we’re here to help you fixt that. 

Give us a call now or simply drop by our shop to book an appointment and try consulting our other services also such as water pump replacement and starter replacement.

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  1. Notice the ease with which you drive your car.

The hard truth: driving shouldn’t feel like a workout. That is the purpose of the mechanisms in place. They make our lives easier by allowing us to move from one place to the next without breaking a sweat. Now, if you do notice that you have difficulty turning your steering wheels, then that is a sure sign that you should have your car checked. It could be something as minor as a lack of power steering fluid, or prove to be the result of much more serious issues. 

Don’t wait until the 11th hour. Have your car checked and repaired by the experts here at Mobile Mechanic Largo. 

  1. Check underneath your car for puddles.

The AC puddle is normal. It’s just a way for your car to flush out the extra moisture. But if you notice that the puddle under your car has turned a grayish color followed by a smell that is quite strong and distinctive, then that might mean that you have a power steering leak. 

Do you notice this often? It’s time to take your car to the experts for repair. Call Mobile Mechanic Largo today! 

Who is Mobile Mechanic Largo?

We are the guys you want on your side incase of a power steering failure on your automobile. We have been servicing the area of Largo for over a decade now. Automobile repair is both work and play for us. This is because we truly enjoy what we do and we believe that we are the best in what we do. 

We make sure that we regularly update our knowledge on automobiles, sending our mechanics to trainings and certifications. As hard as it is to keep up with the ever-changing industry, we have managed to emerge the victor when it comes to this battle. 

We are a small team of able-bodied experts always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our clients drive away happy and, most importantly, safely. 

So are you ready to work with Mobile Mechanic Largo to make sure that your power steering mechanism is healthy? You can give us a call or send us a message or even just drop by to set an appointment with our expert mechanics.

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