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Before you bring your car to the experts, do you have an initial diagnosis as to what is wrong with your trusty old car? Could it be the power steering belt? Or what about its breaks? Is the engine malfunctioning because of a dead or dying car battery? If none of these things seem to ring right and you just can’t seem to figure out what wrong is your car, then there’s a big chance that it is your fuel pump that needs to be repaired. Just call us and feel free to consult about our other services like car AC repair and auto electric repair services.


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The Fuel Pump

Is a vital part of your car’s engine. Although often overlooked, it is the mechanism that is responsible for pumping your fuel into your car, giving it power to propel forward. Basically, it is the messenger between your fuel tank and your engine. It’s main message: your car’s fuel. 

Now do you see how a broken fuel tank might get in the way of your car’s proper functioning? It will affect your car’s overall performance. Depending on the situation, you may end up with even more damage than you have already started out with if you don’t take action right away. So go ahead and bring your car in now for a replacement. 

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How can you be sure that it is, indeed, your fuel tank that needs replacing? Well, your best bet would be to bring your car to your local shop to have the experts take a look at your engine. However, if you do want to make the initial diagnosis before doing so, here are some things that you might want to take note of. 

#1: Your car will produce explosive sounds when you drive.

A failed car pump can be pretty sneaky. With one, you’d be able to cruise around for a while, say a good 10 to 15 minutes, before it rears its ugly head and suddenly cause you to panic with its sporadic sputtering. This can be especially obvious when you speed your car up a bit. 

What is happening to your engine during this time? The sound, the sputtering if you will, indicates that the amount of fuel being fed into your engine is either too much or too little. 

#2: You will have a hard time speeding up.

On top of the disturbing noises that you will hear from your car’s engine, you might also notice that your car will suddenly give sporadic jerks as you speed up. Needless to say, this can be panic-inducing. Not the best experience to have especially if you are at a freeway with dozens of speeding cars behind you too.

 What is happening to your engine during this time? This is just you engine trying to warn you that it does not have the capacity and the needed fuel for it to accelerate. 

#3: You will not be able to get your engine to turn on.

Obviously, failing to turn on your engine can be a caused by a multitude of reasons. However, if you have managed to rule out all the other possibilities, then it really may come down to a faulty fuel pump. Failure to turn on is a cause of you probably ignoring the last two items in this list. And now your car has finally given up and will no longer allow fuel to pass through it. 

What is happening to your engine during this time? Nothing. If it won’t start, then there is no power moving back and forth between the valves and hoses in your car. 

At this point, it is best to call us, Mobile Mechanic Largo, to come to you and serves a lot related services suchs as car battery replacement and brake repair.


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Our History

So you may be thinking: why should I trust these guys to fix my car for me? 

First, allow us to introduce ourselves to you. We are Mobile Mechanic Largo and we are a staff of certified professionals. We are backed by the trainings and experience so we can assure you that your car will be in good hands.

 We have been in the area for half a decade now, using the latest tools and the best mechanics in town, we have made sure that our customers and their cars are well taken cared of. 

We have had a slew of happy customers throughout the years and we will be glad to welcome you into the family too. We hope to see you and your car in our shop soon! 

The Costs?

You might be tempted to replace your fuel pump by yourself. We will stop you right there. This is a task that you probably should not undertake lest you have the proper training for it. After all, your fuel pump plays a vital role in your car. If you don’t do it right, you might end up in a bigger mess than when you started. So please leave this job to the professionals. 

The costs will most likely come from the parts that need to be replaced. How much you shell out will depend on the model and make of your car. Trust us, our labor costs will be fair to you. 

To know more about our rates, give us a call today. We will be more than happy to discuss our services with you. 

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