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It happens—one day your car’s air conditioner is functioning well and keeping you cool in this humid Florida weather; the next day, it’s blowing nothing but hot air into your already humid car. While this may seem like an unfortunate thing to happen, rest easy in the knowledge that this can easily be fixed by your guys here at Mobile Mechanic Largo. 

Air conditioner problems are no new thing to us and we have devised a really efficient workflow that will get your car blowing cool air in no time. So whatever it is that you might need when it comes to your car’s air conditioning, bring it in over here at Mobile Mechanic Largo and we will remedy the situation for you.

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Car Air Conditioner:

A Brief Walkthrough

Have you ever thought to consider just how your car air conditioner works? The first step to diagnosing a problem is to make sure that you know the processes. So, to better explain to you just how we will get your A/C fixed when you pop on by for a visit, we’d like to explain how such a relatively small component can manage to cool up your car with not much effort. 

Here’s the basic flow of how you’re A/C can cool up your car. First, you have to know that you have refrigerant gas to thank for when it comes to bringing your car’s air pressure from high to low. In short, it is the refrigerant gas that will bring down the temperature so you won’t have to sweat like a sinner in church when you step into your car. 

While the whole process of cooling may be complex. The simple thing t o know is that once your air conditioner is turned on, refrigerant gas is pushed to a lower pressure so you can get a cooler air. The components that are responsible for doing this are as follows:

  •       Your condenser
  •       Your compressor
  •       Your drier
  •       Your cooling coil
  •       Your expansion valve 

All these will work together to make sure that the temperature in your car will be just how you want it to be. It only makes sense then that if any of these components become worn out or die down, your A/Cs performance will be affected. 

This means that it might not function well, for example, because your cooling coil has a leak or if your condenser is no longer functioning due to old age. 

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Our Services 

Now that you have a bird’s eye view of the reason behind your A/Cs failure, this is now where we step in. 

Here at Mobile Mechanic Largo, we want to make sure that our drivers are happy. And we know that happy drivers are almost synonymous to cooled off drivers. This is why we have developed our services on car air conditioning repairs to a tee. 

As part of our process, we always show our clients the broken component. Call it honesty or call it educating our clients too, if you will. Either way, we want our clients to understand which component needs to be repaired and the type of component that we should be replacing it with. 

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 About Your Mechanics

Want to know more about us and how we have managed to rise about all the other shops when it comes to car repairs? 

Again, we are Mobile Mechanic Largo. We have the experience and the discipline necessary to get your car fixed—no matter how big or small the issue may be. We have been working with cars for almost two decades now and we have gotten so much joy in doing this that we have expanded our operations into a full-scale shop that you now know today. 

You could say that we have really come a long way from the young boys who would play around under the car’s hood to check for any malfunctions and whatnot. Now, we service people from all around Florida. However, our loyalties remain with Largo and we are here to stay.

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FAQ: How much will it cost to get my car’s A/C fixed?

This may vary depending on the type of car that you use. Our labor fee is pretty much fixed, but the type of component that will be replaced will dictate just how much money you need to shell out. 

You can call us to tell us more about your car’s issue and we may be able to give you a tentative quotation. However, it is always a good idea to drop by so we can see for ourselves just what the root of the issue is and we can give a more accurate quotation of the price.

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