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Do you need brake repair? That is our specialty! Call us MOBILE MECHANIC LARGO! We are waiting to serve you! Brake maintenance comes with having a safe and top performing brake. Contact us and we are happy to give even the brake maintenance service!
Brakes are vital to safe driving and we agree that each driver should have the right to be safe when driving. Always have your regular car maintenance and safety check.
With this, we always offer effective recommendations that are budget-friendly. We would make the service quickly so you could be back on the road driving smoothly and safely.
Our mechanics and all the staff are ready to give you the service. Just communicate with us and see also the other services we offer such as wheel bearing replacement and power steering repair.  


About Our Services

The Common Brake Repair and Maintenance:

Maintenance of Anti-Lock Brake System

The Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) has the role of making sure the wheels will not stop rotating when you press your brake. This is to prevent your car from skidding and it will have good control. If the ABS light turns on in your car, it means there is a problem and you should let it be inspected by an experienced mechanic. You do not need to go to another place as we have a mechanic ready for you for this job. Just call or visit us in the shop and we are ready to assist you.

Maintain the Right Brake Fluid Flushes

As time passes by, brake fluid will continually absorb water that can come from the air. This is not good because it will cause the brake system to decrease its effective level. The fluid will then also become corrosive that can cause damage to the system. That is why it is required that you flush the fluid in your brake regularly. This could be done by a professional if you do not know how to do. The cost you will spend will override what could be the cost when damage was caused by not flushing your brake fluid.

Checking and Replacing the Brake Hoses

The brake hoses are being used so that the pressurized brake fluid that comes from the cylinder going to the brake. Though it is just a type of hose but also essential in the process. This can last long but you should check them when you do an inspection. They can have holes or be punctured. It can also deteriorate in quality as time passes by. Cracks can occur and when you see them, immediately let the brake hose to be replaced.

Replacing your Brake Pad and Shoe

The common evidence that there is a problem in your brake pad is when your brakes are squealing. Your brake pads also will degenerate as they are being used. That is why when you will hear the sound of metal that grind with each other. This happens when you use your brakes. It is already the time that you should have replaced your brake pads and shoe. Not doing so still will surely bring problem bigger than what it should be. Call us so we can give this service and other services.

Replacing of the Brake Caliper

When your brake caliper has a problem, it will affect your braking. When you brake it is uneven and it will cause your car to slide forward. This is dangerous, especially in bad weather conditions as it can cause sliding that would be the source of the accident. That is why do not take it lightly but have it checked and replaced when needed. We can do that for you! You just have to call us Mobile Mechanic Largo. We are offering also other services such as alternator replacement and fuel pump repair.

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Preventive Measures You Should Follow:

Do not torture your brakes by riding them all the way as they can overheat. The best way to use your brake is to slow down with a moderate force and then you can release the brakes for it to cool down. Your brakes would thank you and you will be safer when you practice this.

When you are in steep ways you can choose to downshift your brakes. But this tip is advisable if the weather is good. That is because when you downshifted into a very low gear you can also skid. That is why if the weather is good then you can apply the technique.

One most important and basic thing is that you should maintain your brake and all its parts to be in good condition.

If you want to know some more you can ask the mechanic that would be sent to you or the one that will make the necessary repairs in the shop.


What to expect with our service:

We will not bait you into a situation that you cannot make your own decision but would just say yes to the recommendation. This is a business but we also have our own goal and etiquette to stand. That is why if you have seen very low or very cheap products being offered on TV or online or anywhere else. There are many salesmen who have the goal of selling you something with the highest targeted mark-up.

That is why be careful and deal only with the authorized mechanic (Mobile Mechanic Largo). You will be sure we had the mind of giving services to people that could also give them more benefit. That is why we will only recommend what is useful and that we know to have good quality.

We will also do the cleaning of all the parts of your brake system that needs it. That is also because when you will not clean them, many not good things will accumulate. Your brake would be free of dust and also of the squeaking sound.

Safety is important to you and your family. It is the best to have knowledge of things so you will not become a victim of buying overpriced materials or not good quality materials. If you notice some problems in your car, please take it to us as we care for the safety of your family.

Do not look further as we are here. Mobile Mechanic Largo!

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